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Admin Building


Administrative building (two floors) with ample office space of 2000 sq. mtrs is equipped with modern amenities, office & communication equipment, Internet, LAN/WAN & Video conferencing facility.



Structure Assembly Shop


The Structural Assembly Hangar (125.69m x 20.70m) is spacious with state of art facilities. It is well illuminated and provided with shop facilities like sealant kitchen, compressed air supply, radial drilling machine, deep freezer, assembly tools, furnace, work benches, storage racks, handling and support trolleys, electrical power points etc. 



Loom Shop


A Centrally Air-conditioned Loom Shop (33m x 16.68m) is equipped with loom fabrication tables (conventional as well as modular), MIL standard loom fabrication tools like wire strippers, crimping pliers, insertion / extraction tools, hot air guns, soldering station, multimeters, megger testers & sleeve printing machine, Laser cable marker, label printing machine etc.  


Further, a central facility area of size 28m x 9.75m is also available near the new Loom shop for production support activities



Sub Station

The power supply to the factory complex is through a 11/.433 KV sub-station. A 320 KVA DG set ensures uninterrupted power supply.